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Is it practical to buy a Tablet when you already have a Smartphone and a Laptop?

Over a year ago, the revolution of modern tablet was piloted by the introduction of Apple’s iPad tablets. They were considered a “third class” gadget to counterpart the laptop computer and the smartphone. The allegation was a tablet will be just as vital as other portable devices. Does a tablet have an edge over your smartphone or laptop? Does it have features to make it better?

Every invention has its unique and has its own purpose. Even though these devices have Wi-Fi capability, each has its own distinct features. A laptop has plenty of things that a smartphone do not have such as physical keyboard, word processor, software and web development, and a larger screen. Similarly, a smartphone offers functionality of GPS (Global Positioning System) which a laptop doesn’t have.  GPS allow users to check directions or maps wherever they are and find establishments nearby. Tablets provide GPS maps on the go, a full-featured web browser, basic word processing, and photo editing.

A tablet can do anything better than a smartphone. For example, the GPS maps feature is both available on both a tablet and a smartphone; however, tablets got bigger screen than an Android or iPhone. You won’t like squinting on the maps on its small screen. It is the same with movies and games.

So what about tablets vs. laptops? Web surfing is better on a tablet. It doesn’t really make sense because most websites are designed for desktops or laptops, but it is a fact. The tablet’s physical design is more comfortable to hold and navigate. Though laptops are better to use when multitasking, focusing completely on one application at a time has its advantages. Also, tablets have better battery life.

After knowing these things, should one buy a tablet? The answer to this is optional or definitely up to you. If you are financially on a budget, it is not probably practical to buy one. Tablets will not really add anything new especially when you already own a computer, a smartphone, and a laptop.  If you can afford, it will make one’s life easier. An additional gadget such as a tablet is a luxury, not a necessity. We would all be lucky to have such luxuries but it is not good to make a huge financial sacrifice just to buy one.

Sony Launching Their First Android Tablet PC

Sony's Android Tables - S1 and S2

It was rumored in February this year and now it is a reality! Sony will launch its first tablet PC to compete with the growing tablet market which is currently dominated by Apple.

This new Sony gadget will have an Android 3.0 operating system and users will have the capability to play PlayStation games. Sony called its first two models “s1” and “s2”. The s1 will be a 9.4 inch tablet that looks like a folded over magazine or book with round gripping point making it more portable.

On the other hand, the S2 is 5.5-inch displays that can easily folded like a clamshell. The dual screens are combinable into one bigger display. Both S1 and S2 are Wi-Fi and 3G/4G compatible.

It expected to be released in the market later this year. Sony wants to differentiate its Android tables from its rivals. Current market is flooded with Android tablets.