Frontierville: Planning the Big Day Goals – What You Need To Know

The Creation of Fanny's Wedding Dress

FRONTIERVILLE– Planning the Big Day goals is not that easy at all. Asking you to collect items, wedding plan for Hank and Fanny, and construction of Fanny’s Wedding Dress is not a party either. To accomplish these missions, you have to ask for help from your friends or neighbors and The Planning Goals must be completed. If you are patient enough, the following steps and tips may be useful to send Fanny down to aisle in style.

First, you can’t make a dress without a Dressform, which can be purchased from the Wedding Wagon’s Wedding Shop for 950 coins. Once that’s completed, you can access two separate menus. The first is that seen above, under the “Sew Dress” option.

Here, you’ll need to collect 15 Silk Threads, 15 White Linens, and 15 Silver Buttons by asking your friends to send them to you.

The other three items: the Skirt, Bodice and Veil, are crafted within the Sewing Basket, which is the second menu available in the Dressform itself.

While trying to craft these three items, you’ll find that the crafting setup is actually quite complex. That is, like Clothing and Fancy Clothing in the General Store and Cabin, you’ll need to craft supplies to craft other things in a cycle – it’s not just a simple one-step process.

Here’s a complete look at the crafting recipes that are available:

Dressform # 1

Dressform # 2

Dressform # 3

Like in the real world, planning a FrontierVille wedding is not an easy thing to do, so you’ll need to work extra hard to make sure you don’t leave Fanny waiting at the altar and end up brokenhearted!

To earn items like the Tulle, Embroidery and Silk, you’ll need to complete the Planning the Big Day goals. These goals are earned as rewards for completing specific steps.

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