Frontierville Tips: FrontierVille First Birthday Goals

If you’re looking for some more goals to complete in FrontierVille, but also don’t want to miss out on celebrating the game’s first birthday on Facebook then you’re in luck as Zynga has released a trio of new goals for you to complete within the birthday celebration event itself (how convenient)!

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The first goal is called “Frontier Friends & Family,” and as you’ll see, is just the start of the series’ walk down memory lane, highlighting some of the big events that happened during the game’s first year (which included creating a spouse and family for your avatar on the Homestead).

Have your Spouse feed 20 Sheep on your Homestead

Collect 10 Frontier Censuses

Have your Spouse Chop Trees 20 Times

The Sheep for this goal must be outside of the Livestock Pen, so make sure to either purchase some additional sheep or pull some out so your spouse can feed them that way. Meanwhile, your friends will need to give you the Frontier Census papers to complete that task. Your rewards for finishing this first goal are 300 coins, 300 XP and one Care Package.

For the second goal, “You’re Saving the Children,” our trip down memory lane takes us to the Kobe Cow charity event that took place back in March to support Save the Children’s Japanese earthquake relief fund.

Tend 3 Kobe Cows on Your Homestead or a Neighbor’s

Hire 5 Neighbors

Tend 50 Cows on your Homestead or a Neighbor’s

It’s likely that many of your friends won’t have the Kobe Cow, so if you can’t find any, remember that Frontier Jack has one on his Homestead that you could use day after day if things got desperate. For finishing this second goal, you’ll receive 500 coins, 500 XP and a Fast Hand Boost.

Finally, for the third goal, “Celebrating Holiday Together,” we’re reminded of the Winter Holiday event, as we’ll need to tend some Reindeer.

Place 10 Fireworks on your Homestead

Collect 10 1st Anniversary Presents

Tend 12 Reindeer on your Homestead or a Neighbor’s

The Fireworks are technically crafted inside either the Ponderosa Cabin or the original Cabin using one Saltpeter and five Fire, but remember to check your inventory first to see how many you need so you don’t waste so many of these valuable building materials. Meanwhile, make sure to look everyone on your friends’ Homesteads in case they have shoved all of their Reindeer in a corner. If you can finish this final goal in the Birthday series, you’ll receive 450 coins, 750 XP and a Birthday Cake! Yay cake!

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