Best Social Bookmarking Tools for Website Traffic

Social Bookmarking Tools

A person who owns a website or blog aims to gain popularity on the Internet through search engines. Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Tagged and others have grown famous for its marketing and advertising influence on the Internet. Whether your website is for personal, social networking, or business, you would need to make use of the best social bookmarking tool available for you. Social bookmarking is an effective method to generate traffic on a website or web pages. It is essential to those who own a business website, blogs, and advertisement web pages.

Internet users are enormous these days, and most of them would love to read and share any fascinating information or services they discover online. They are your targets to increase traffic successfully on your website. Social bookmarking tool is often used by SEO individuals who are depending on bookmarking for marketing or advertising purposes. Your website gains top ranks on popular search engines when your website links are frequently shared on other websites or blogs, hence generate web traffic.

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There are a lot of social bookmarking tools and bookmarking software to use; however, choosing the best social bookmarking tool would be best. The following are the top free social bookmarking tools that you can use.

Twitter is a famous micro blogging website. It is on the leading websites worldwide, receiving most traffic. It allows you to receive updates of the people you follow in the form of 140 character tweets or links. Users often shorten their links using URL shortener tools.

Digg is another significant social bookmarking tool with web 2.0 platform technology. It has a basic purpose. Digg it by posting the website links. The more it gets digged by other users, the more it gets ranked. When your stories or links get highly ranked, your website has a better chance of getting popular. This social bookmarking tool gets numerous of traffic directly or indirectly.

StumbledUpon is one of the social bookmarking websites that can lead traffic to your website. It has some social networking features such as viewing, sharing, and liking the pages your friends or stumblers with same interests. Its user ratings feature creates collective ideas to improve the website’s quality.


Reddit is not typically for beginners of social bookmarking. Its website interface is comprehensible for SEO experts. Reddit generates more traffic than other top social bookmarking websites. It is created to target crowds. Bloggers who needs instant traffic find Reddit challengingly difficult to use.


Delicious is one of the most popular social bookmarking tools online. It features include a user-friendly website interface, easy to read URL, a unique domain label, and RSS feeds. The only disadvantage of Delicious is that your bookmarks, by default, are shown publicly. Though, users have the option to set personal bookmarks to private.

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