Windows 7 is More Secure than Windows XP

Windows 7 vs Windows XP

A recent report directly from Microsoft reveals that their latest operating system Windows 7 is five times more secure than Windows XP. For those who are familiar with Microsoft’s operating systems, it has been known and promoted that Windows XP has always been a secure system. It is way much better than its successor, Windows Vista.  Microsoft claims that Windows 7 on 64 bit version is their most secure operating system. This more secure and virus-free experience is due to the “Kernel Patch Protection” system placed on it.

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Based on a threat report released, malware infection rate on Windows 7 has risen by more than 30 percent in the second half of last year, 2010. They revealed that the 32 bit edition of Windows 7’s average infection rate was 4 PCs per 1,000 while the 64 bit edition was only at 2.5 PCs per 1,000 during year 2010. Their annual Security Intelligence Report, infection rates for Windows 7 is much lower than a fully patched Windows XP SP3.

Although we don’t really have reasons to believe on these gathered data or numbers, it is pretty obvious that Microsoft is encouraging Windows XP users to upgrade to Windows

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